How to Buy a Sofa | The Stated HomeWant to make sure the sofa you buy is comfortable and well-made? Take a look at the 15 most important things to look for while you’re shopping:

How is it made?

When shopping for a sofa, most people start looking at styles and testing for comfort, but the most important part of upholstered furniture is the part you can’t see: how it’s constructed. A well-made sofa won’t sag, squeak, or shake, ensuring that it looks and feels as good in five years as it does today. Pay attention to:

  1. The Frame: What it’s made of and how it’s constructed
  2. Springs and Suspension: The right springs will ensure your sofa doesn’t sag or squeak
  3. Cushions: Get the right foam and fiber combination and you’ll have long-lasting support

Will it be comfortable?

There are four main factors to pay attention to so that your next sofa will be a joy to sit in. They are:

  1. Arm Height: Do you need to be able to lean on the arm?
  2. Back Support: How high up do you want the back to go?
  3. Cushion Fill: How soft or firm of a cushion do you like?
  4. Seat Depth: Do you like a shallower seat for sitting upright or a deeper one for lounging?

What’s your perfect style?

From traditional to transitional to modern, here’s how to choose the right features so your new sofa fits in with your design style:

  1. Arm Style: From rolled to straight, the arm style can make a sofa more traditional or more modern
  2. Back Style: The way the cushions are arranged on the back of the sofa can take it from formal to casual
  3. Skirts and Legs: Choosing different legs or a skirt completely changes the look
  4. Upholstery Details: Create a unique piece by adding nailhead trim, tufting, or other details
  5. Slipcovers: It sure makes cleaning a sofa easier, but is this right for you?
  6. Sectionals: Figure out the best configuration for your space
  7. Upholstery Fabric: Your fabric selection impacts softness, durability, and ease of cleaning
  8. Leather Furniture: Don’t get fooled by confusing terms—here’s how to make sure you’re buying real leather

A sofa is a big investment, and with so many options out there, it’s hard to figure out which one to buy. Purchase your sofa from The Stated Home and you can rest assured that we only sell from manufacturers that make a high quality product.

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