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Fun things to do in Louisville KY

Fun Things to Do in Louisville KY | The Stated HomeKentucky is much more than Bourbon and horses—a fact we were delighted to discover during a recent trip to Louisville. With more tasty restaurants than you can possibly fit into a weekend (though we tried!) and cute shops featuring locally made items, this town offers a unique taste of southern hospitality. (more…)

Shopping in Seattle

Shopping in Seattle | The Stated HomeWe expected to really enjoy our recent visit to Seattle, thanks to its fresh seafood and coffee on every corner, but we didn’t realize all the places there would be to find American-made items. Seattle isn’t just the birthplace of national brands like Filson and Herbivore Botanicals, but it’s also full of expertly curated boutiques featuring a lot of other, less-known brands. We’ve got your must-shop places here along with a few other recommendations to make sure you eat well along the way. (more…)

What to See in Anchorage

What to see in Anchorage Alaska | The Stated Home

One of our co-founders, Laura, had the pleasure of calling Anchorage home for about two years. She got to eat some of the freshest fish she’s ever had, try cross-country skiing, and have a baby moose in her front yard. It may seem like the only people who would enjoy going to Alaska are those who like to fish or those who like to cruise, but it’s actually an awesome destination for anyone who enjoys good food, clean air, and chance encounters with wildlife. (more…)

Attractions in Honolulu You Can’t Miss

Attractions in Honolulu You Won't Want to Miss | The Stated Home

Honolulu is a wonderful mixture of a pure beach town (it’s where Waikiki is) and Rodeo Drive with a completely international vibe to it. Unlike most of the other less-urban-feeling Hawaiian islands, Honolulu is not necessarily a place to go to get away from it all. But don’t let that dissuade you from picking it as a vacation spot. The water is some of the bluest you’ve ever seen, the dining options are unique and delicious, and there are wonderful shops and goods you won’t find anywhere else in the US. (more…)

Steamboat Springs Restaurants, Shops, and More


Steamboat Springs Restaurants, Shops, and More | The Stated HomeWe love Steamboat Springs for its winter powder, gorgeous summer weather, and the old-west American spirit that resonates throughout it. The main street looks the same way we imagine it would 100 years ago, only now it’s filled with bars offering amazing happy hour specials and boutiques selling handmade goods from Colorado. Get excited about going there with our American Travel Guide to Steamboat Springs. (more…)

Things to Do in Palm Springs


Palm Springs Travel Guide | The Stated HomeWe’re often lamenting about the old days, when items were made with a focus on quality and design. Well it turns out it’s easy to travel back in time—just head to Palm Springs, California! It’s a town where the doors are brightly colored and the made-in-America spirit is alive and well. Whether you’re looking for an authentic vintage find, a local artist’s creation, or five different flavors of bacon, this destination has you covered. Start your planning with our American Travel Guide for Palm Springs. (more…)