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Design a Room Around Our Tennille Area Rug

Tennille Area Rug | The Stated Home

One of our go-to ways to design a room is to choose the rug and then base the design off of that. It’s easier to pull colors from the rug and pick upholstery fabrics in those hues than it is to find a rug to go with an existing upholstered piece. To show you what we mean, we’ve put together a choose-your-own-adventure design strategy based on our Tennille area rug.


Area Rug Rules: How to Figure Out the Perfect Size

Area Rug Rules | The Stated HomeHave you found the perfect rug for your home? Great! (If not, check out our gorgeous styles at The Stated Home.) But now you have to decide what size rug to choose. That can be a little harder to figure out, so we put together some guidelines to help. We aren’t saying you absolutely have to stick to these decorating rules, but they’ll give you a good place to start.

First, follow these steps to make sure you’ve thought a few things through:

  • Ask yourself what you want the rug to accomplish. Are you trying to unify a space or do you want to define a few smaller areas within a larger room?
  • See if the room is next to an open space. If so, how will it look if the rug extends into that open area versus fitting within the confines of the room?
  • Measure out the maximum and minimum dimensions that will work in your space. Not every rug comes in every size, so if your perfect rug doesn’t come in a size you want, you may need to come up with another plan. (More on that later.)
  • Visualize what different sized rugs will look like in your space. Just lay down a sheet (or two) that are folded to be the same size as the rug that you are considering—this will give you a pretty good idea of how a rug will fit in the room. You can also try painter’s tape or brown paper.

Now, let’s get to those decorating tips… (more…)

Sectional Sofa Set: How to Pick the Right One

Sectional Sofa Set: How to Pick the Right One | The Stated HomeIt seems that almost everyone shopping for a sofa thinks about getting a sectional. We sell lots of beautiful sectionals and it’s no wonder—they’re great for solving a variety of space planning issues and offer lots of seating. But they aren’t always the best solution. That’s what this post is all about—we’re going to help you decide if you actually need a sectional and, if you do, what type to buy. (If you haven’t read our blog about the terms used when describing sectionals, start there!) (more…)

5 Examples of Transitional Decorating Style

5 Examples of Transitional Decorating StyleIn our opinion, interior design these days is all about transitional, which is a mix of styles like modern and traditional within one space. Transitional design is what can make your grandmother’s lamps look super updated and chic because you’ve paired them with a sleek sofa. But all transitional designs are not the same. To break it down for you, we’ve identified five versions of transitional style that we keep seeing over and over. (more…)

Great Room Layout Ideas & Decorating Tips

Great Room Layout Ideas | The Stated Home

A great room, which is basically an all-in-one living space that combines the kitchen, dining room, and family room, is a popular feature in houses. While it can seem easy to decorate, it can actually be pretty challenging to figure out how to divide up the space and keep the look consistent among the different areas. Even though the room is called great, they can actually be any size (they are frequently used in smaller homes to get more usable square footage without walls eating up precious space). The following strategies will help you make your great room truly shine (make sure to check out our small space tips if yours is on the petite side): (more…)

Interior design rules for small spaces

Interior Design Rules for Small Spaces | The Stated Home

We are really excited that the trend is that more people are choosing to live in cities. It’s good for the environment (less commuting), the community (more involvement), and your level of fun (impromptu drinks and brunches). However, with the good, also comes the bad. And when it comes to city living, the bad is usually that you are making do with a smaller living space. (more…)