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Transitional Design: What It Is and How to Get the Look

Transitional Style: How to Get It | The Stated Home

The current design trend is one that can’t be defined by an all-encompassing phrase like traditional, modern, formal, or shabby chic. Look in any design magazine and most of the rooms are a blend of styles that can be taken in any direction with the addition of a few accessories. This design style is known as transitional, and we couldn’t love it more. It means you can make your grandmother’s antique sofa look great with a glass coffee table or create a space with a vibe that is at once modern and inviting. (more…)

Types of Interior Design Styles

Types of Interior Design Styles | The Stated HomeYou’ve probably noticed that when it comes to describing an interior design style, there are three main terms thrown around: traditional, modern, and transitional. When it comes down to it, there’s really just traditional and modern (transitional is a mixture of those two). While it’s natural to be unsure about what your design style is, it’s actually really easy to figure out. You either like a roomful of antiques and chintz (traditional), a minimalist look with straight lines (modern), or a little bit of both (transitional).

So which design style are you and how should you decorate? (more…)

Sofa Arm Styles: A Guide to Picking the Perfect One


How To Pick a Sofa Arm Style | The Stated Home

For some lucky shoppers, picking a sofa style is simple—you see a picture and boom: Love at first sight. But for most of us, it’s a time to feel paralyzed by the choices. First, try not to get too overwhelmed. There’s no one right style and usually more than one will look wonderful in your home. Next, take it step by step: think about back style, cushion style, legs versus skirts, and arm style. This blog focuses on the last one.

Much like you can take a pair of jeans from daytime to cocktails by switching out your flats to heels and adding some sparkly earrings, a sofa can be taken from contemporary to traditional (and vice versa) with the switch of an arm style. There are three main types that you’ll find on most pieces of upholstered furniture: English Arm, Rolled Arm, and Track Arm. (Keep in mind that the height of a sofa’s arms can impact how comfortable it is to lean up against them–learn more about that here.) Read on and see if one of these descriptions resonates with the look and feel you want out of your room. And head to The Stated Home once you’re ready to shop for your next sofa. (more…)

5 Steps of Interior Space Planning

5 Steps of Interior Space Planning | The Stated Home

Selecting new furniture isn’t easy. Sure you have to think about style and color, but you also have to give some serious thought to dimensions and proper space planning. If a piece of furniture isn’t the right size, you’ll be reminded of that fact every time you bang your shin on your large-scale coffee table or watch your guests squeeze together on a too-tiny couch.

So, what can you do to avoid buying the wrong size? Pretend that you’re buying shoes, and before you make a purchase, decide if the furniture will fit. Here are five steps that will help you do just that: (more…)