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The current design trend is one that can’t be defined by an all-encompassing phrase like traditional, modern, formal, or shabby chic. Look in any design magazine and most of the rooms are a blend of styles that can be taken in any direction with the addition of a few accessories. This design style is known as transitional, and we couldn’t love it more. It means you can make your grandmother’s antique sofa look great with a glass coffee table or create a space with a vibe that is at once modern and inviting.

There are two ways to go about getting a transitional look:

Transitional Style: The Two Approaches| The Stated Home


That said, to create a well-mixed room that looks cohesive, there are a few tricks to keep in mind:


Transitional Style: Make it Look Natural| The Stated Home

If you’re more of a “give me a specific set of rules” kind of person, here is a chart that can help you see how to use different types of upholstered furniture to create a transitional look. Just find the kind of sofa or chair you have and see what to pair it with for the perfect mixed-style room.

Arm Bottom Look Pair with
Rolled or British Skirt Traditional and formal (the skirt dresses things up)
  • Chairs with straight legs and arms in a traditional fabric like velvet
  • Gold accents
  • Acrylic accessories or furniture
Rolled or British Turned Leg Traditional through and through
  • Reclaimed wood
  • A chair in a modern floral
  • Modern art
Track or Straight Skirt Neutral: The track arm modernizes the traditional skirt
  • Animal print or fur ottoman
  • Fabrics in vibrant prints on chairs or pillows
  • Glossy painted wood furniture
Rolled or British Tapered Leg Neutral: The tapered leg brings the traditional arm up to date
  • Throw pillows in a modern fabric
  • Chair or ottoman with a chrome base
  • Vintage accents
Track or Straight Tapered Leg Modern: The straight arm with the straight leg creates an overall modern feel
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Chairs with some curves
  • A tufted ottoman

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