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You may not think a lot about types of pillow stuffing, but the softness of sofa seat cushions is probably what you mean when you talk about furniture comfort. And it’s a very personal thing. For every person who loves a “sink down” feeling when sitting on a sofa, there’s another who prefers a firmer, more supportive seat. Cushion Fill is one of the four factors we use in our comfort rating system, ABCS Comfort Metrics (the other three are Seat Depth, Arm Height, and Back Support).

The great thing about seat cushions is that almost any piece of upholstered furniture can be made with any kind of seat fill. With the sofas we sell at The Stated Home, we offer three types of seat cushions and two types of back cushions, so all you have to do is pick the combination that works best for you. 

So what are your options? First up, the seat cushions. Here’s a visual guide to how the three options we have stack up against each other (all have the same weight on them):

cushions with weight

Here are more details on the options, from softest to firmest:


The softest of the bunch, this seat cushion has our eco-friendly foam core wrapped in a mixture of feathers and down. While this seat provides that often-sought-after “sinking” feeling, know that it does require frequent fluffing and rotating to keep its shape.


Just like baby bear’s bed, this cushion tends to be just right for a lot of people. That’s because it’s soft but requires minimal fluffing. It has our eco-friendly foam core wrapped in a recycled polyester fiber. While it would benefit from a weekly rotation to keep the wear even, it keeps its shape well if you forget. (You’re busy! No judgment!)

Cloud Nine

This, our most supportive cushion, has springs in the core to firm up the seat. Don’t worry though, the springs are wrapped in feather and down, so it’s definitely comfortable and soft to sit in.


Seat cushion options | The Stated Home

When it comes to back cushions, they can be filled with either naturalLEE or down. NaturalLEE is more supportive, yet still soft and comfortable. The down backs are the softest, yet like their seat counterpart, require fluffing and rotating to keep them in shape. That said, fluffing back cushions is a lot easier then fluffing seat cushions, so don’t be deterred by that if you really want to be cocooned in downy softness.


Back cushion fill options | The Stated Home
Here are a few more things to think about as you ponder your cushion-fill options:

Do you like that sink-down feeling when you sit on a piece of furniture?

If so, our Haven cushion is the right choice.

Will it bother you to have an unkempt-looking sofa or to have to fluff pillows regularly?

Down cushions can be more high maintenance than others because they need to be fluffed regularly. Our naturalLEE cushion is a great option for those that want a soft seat without the fluffing requirements.

Will you be buying leather?

If you’re getting a leather chair or sofa, go with the two softer fills (leather is stiffer than fabric, so you need to compensate with the filling). If you want the softest, choose the Haven down-filled cushion. Don’t mind a firmer cushion? Stick with the naturalLEE.

Will you be spending most of your time sitting in or laying down on your new piece of furniture?

Cloud Nine (the firmest filling) is nice if you’re going to be mostly sitting in a piece of furniture, but if you spend a lot of time horizontal (hey, sofas are amazing for napping on!), go with the naturalLEE (soft) or the Haven (softest).

That’s a lot of info! Here’s a quick guide for choosing seat and back combos

Firmness Level Seat Cushion Back Cushion
Softest Haven Down
Soft naturalLEE naturalLEE
Supportive, yet soft Cloud 9 Down
Most supportive Cloud 9 naturalLEE

Learn more about cushion fill in our Furniture Comfort: Cushion Fill video

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