Things to Do in Palm Springs


Palm Springs Travel Guide | The Stated HomeWe’re often lamenting about the old days, when items were made with a focus on quality and design. Well it turns out it’s easy to travel back in time—just head to Palm Springs, California! It’s a town where the doors are brightly colored and the made-in-America spirit is alive and well. Whether you’re looking for an authentic vintage find, a local artist’s creation, or five different flavors of bacon, this destination has you covered. Start your planning with our American Travel Guide for Palm Springs. (more…)

Why We Sell Lee Industries Furniture

Why we sell Lee Industries Furniture | The Stated Home

The very first piece of furniture that our founder Laura bought after marriage was a cream slip-covered sofa from Lee Industries. That was more than 10 years ago and the sofa is still the most comfortable seat in her house (and looks like it was bought yesterday). So when Laura decided to track down the best American-made goods to sell for The Stated Home, the first company she reached out to was Lee. If you’re new to Lee, here are the top three reasons why the company is just the best.


5 Steps of Interior Space Planning

5 Steps of Interior Space Planning | The Stated Home

Selecting new furniture isn’t easy. Sure you have to think about style and color, but you also have to give some serious thought to dimensions and proper space planning. If a piece of furniture isn’t the right size, you’ll be reminded of that fact every time you bang your shin on your large-scale coffee table or watch your guests squeeze together on a too-tiny couch.

So, what can you do to avoid buying the wrong size? Pretend that you’re buying shoes, and before you make a purchase, decide if the furniture will fit. Here are five steps that will help you do just that: (more…)