What Factors Create the Most Comfortable Furniture

What Factors Make Furniture Feel Comfortable | The Stated HomeWe know what you’re thinking about shopping for furniture online: “But I need to SIT in it before I buy it.” Yes, while the truest test of comfort is plopping down into a piece of furniture, you can actually do a pretty good job of determining comfort by sitting in furniture you already own and noting specific details.

Shopping for furniture is a lot like shopping for a pair of jeans: What works for your slim, long-legged friend won’t necessarily work for your curvy body (and vice versa). Furniture fit is personal! And that’s why we don’t rate our pieces as more or less comfortable on The Stated Home. One person may like things a little firmer while someone else prefers cushions you can sink into. We’ll help you figure out what your furniture preferences are and then identify pieces that are right for your bottom (and back, and arms, and head).

So let’s get into it! (more…)

Steamboat Springs Restaurants, Shops, and More


Steamboat Springs Restaurants, Shops, and More | The Stated HomeWe love Steamboat Springs for its winter powder, gorgeous summer weather, and the old-west American spirit that resonates throughout it. The main street looks the same way we imagine it would 100 years ago, only now it’s filled with bars offering amazing happy hour specials and boutiques selling handmade goods from Colorado. Get excited about going there with our American Travel Guide to Steamboat Springs. (more…)

Sofa Quality: What Makes One Sofa Last Longer Than Another?

How to Buy a Quality Sofa | The Stated Home

When choosing a sofa (or any other upholstered piece), we tend to go straight to the fun stuff: style and fabric selections. But a sofa doesn’t just need to look pretty, it has to be made well and have quality bones. Remember those TV ads selling slats designed to firm up a sagging couch? Pass! There’s nothing more frustrating than spending good money on a sofa that doesn’t last, no matter how gorgeous it is. So how can you know if you’re buying a quality piece? The key is to start with a solid foundation: the frame and springs.

First, know that all sofas sold on The Stated Home have already passed our strict standards for frames and springs (we did the research and legwork so you don’t have to!). You don’t have to worry about wobbly arms or squeaky springs, we promise.

Now, keep reading to find out what we looked for. Hopefully knowing our standards takes some of the uncertainty out of the buying process for you. (more…)

Types of Pillow Stuffing: Which Filling is Right for You?

Cushion Fill: Which one is right for you? | The Stated Home

You may not think a lot about types of pillow stuffing, but the softness of sofa seat cushions is probably what you mean when you talk about furniture comfort. And it’s a very personal thing. For every person who loves a “sink down” feeling when sitting on a sofa, there’s another who prefers a firmer, more supportive seat. Cushion Fill is one of the four factors we use in our comfort rating system, ABCS Comfort Metrics (the other three are Seat Depth, Arm Height, and Back Support).

The great thing about seat cushions is that almost any piece of upholstered furniture can be made with any kind of seat fill. With the sofas we sell at The Stated Home, we offer three types of seat cushions and two types of back cushions, so all you have to do is pick the combination that works best for you.  (more…)

Sofa Seat: How to Select the Perfect Depth


Furniture Comfort: Seat Depth & how to find the right size for you | The Stated HomeYou are completely normal if you’ve never thought about sofa seat cushion depth before. But it’s actually the unsung hero of furniture comfort. Seat depth doesn’t vary much—it’s typically between 21 and 24 inches (although some pieces go even deeper than that). Your ideal seat depth comes down to your height and how you’ll be using your piece of furniture. Seat Depth is one of the four factors we use in our comfort rating system, ABCS Comfort Metrics (the other three are Cushion Fill, Arm Height, and Back Support). On The Stated Home, we rate the depth of our furniture pieces as a 1 (21 to 22 inches deep), 2 (23 to 24 inches deep), or 3 (more than 24 inches deep). (more…)

How Sofa Back Cushions Affect Your Comfort

Furniture comfort: Tight, Cushion, or Loose - What type of sofa back is right for you?

You know how some sofas and chairs look like you could sink into them and get lost in comfort while other, more formal pieces look like they would keep your back propped up and your posture perfect? The reason for the difference is because of two factors: the back height and cushion style. The back height determines if you’ll be able to rest your head against something when you’re sitting down, making you feel more or less supported (see more about that and how we use back height in our comfort rating system here). Once you narrow down the best height for you, it’s time to think about cushion styles. There are three main kinds: tight back, cushion back, and loose back. Keep reading for more about each kind (and head here to see our selection of sofas when you’re ready!). (more…)