Furniture Without Flame Retardants: Why This Is So Important

Furniture Without Flame Retardants | The Stated HomeSometimes we read something that makes us shake our head at the sheer stupidity of it all. And that’s exactly how we reacted when researching the history of flame retardant chemicals in furniture. It’s one of those things that sounds like a great idea (Furniture that won’t catch fire? How safe!), but in reality is incredibly harmful to your health. Here’s what we discovered (and a quick note that none of the furniture we sell at contains these chemicals): (more…)

What is Linen Fabric (and Where is it Made?)

What is Linen Fabric | The Stated HomeThe mission of The Stated Home is to offer quality American-made products, but we ran into a stumbling block when it came to finding homegrown linen to upholster our sofas and chairs. So we decided to find out why there is no significant linen industry in the USA.

The key to that answer lies in how linen is made. Flax plants aren’t that difficult to grow, but the processing required to turn the plant into high-quality linen fabric is very labor intensive. And while textile processing has advanced for most materials, linen still has to be made the old fashioned way (aka no machine processing).

To understand why, you need to understand how the flax plant is turned into fabric. (more…)

Custom Slipcovers: Pros and Cons

Custom Slipcovers: Pros and ConsCertain slipcovers have a bad rap, and rightfully so. They resemble unflattering sheets of fabric with a few pieces of elastic holding them to your sofa or chair. But order a piece of furniture that comes with a well-fitting custom slipcover (like the ones we sell at and you will learn that slipcovers can be the perfect solution to many problems. That said, they still aren’t for everyone. So how do you know if you and slipcovers are made for each other? Start by seeing if any of the following apply to you. If so, you should consider a slipcover. (more…)

5 Examples of Transitional Decorating Style

5 Examples of Transitional Decorating StyleIn our opinion, interior design these days is all about transitional, which is a mix of styles like modern and traditional within one space. Transitional design is what can make your grandmother’s lamps look super updated and chic because you’ve paired them with a sleek sofa. But all transitional designs are not the same. To break it down for you, we’ve identified five versions of transitional style that we keep seeing over and over. (more…)

What to See in Anchorage

What to see in Anchorage Alaska | The Stated Home

One of our co-founders, Laura, had the pleasure of calling Anchorage home for about two years. She got to eat some of the freshest fish she’s ever had, try cross-country skiing, and have a baby moose in her front yard. It may seem like the only people who would enjoy going to Alaska are those who like to fish or those who like to cruise, but it’s actually an awesome destination for anyone who enjoys good food, clean air, and chance encounters with wildlife. (more…)

Great Room Layout Ideas & Decorating Tips

Great Room Layout Ideas | The Stated Home

A great room, which is basically an all-in-one living space that combines the kitchen, dining room, and family room, is a popular feature in houses. While it can seem easy to decorate, it can actually be pretty challenging to figure out how to divide up the space and keep the look consistent among the different areas. Even though the room is called great, they can actually be any size (they are frequently used in smaller homes to get more usable square footage without walls eating up precious space). The following strategies will help you make your great room truly shine (make sure to check out our small space tips if yours is on the petite side): (more…)