Best Way to Clean Wood

How to Clean Wood | The Stated Home

Our selection of beautiful dining tables are ready for a lifetime of yummy dinners—but how do you keep them looking like new? This is definitely one of those cases where less is more. Just follow a few simple guidelines and resist the temptation to start spraying the wood-care products you see advertised on TV. Also, as a quick note, the below doesn’t work for wood furniture that’s been painted or has an oil finish. (more…)

Made-in-America Gifts

Made-in-America Gifts | The Stated Home‘Tis the season for spending hours and hours searching for just the right gift for everyone on your list. Allow us to make that task so much more simple. We’ve scoured our favorite shops and makers for you and discovered the best made-in-America gifts–all under $100. See what we’ve found! (more…)

Fabric Codes for Cleaning: What Do They Mean?

Fabric Codes for Cleaning | The Stated HomeOnce you decided which sofa style you want to buy, it’s time to choose the perfect upholstery or slipcover fabric. Color, pattern and texture are certainly important, but there is another factor that should be part of your decision: the fabric care code.

Why is the fabric care code such a big deal? Well, it provides the guidelines for how to clean your fabric. If you end up spilling something on your new sofa, spraying it with foaming upholstery cleaner from the store may just make matters worse. Know your fabric’s cleaning code and you can have the correct cleaning products on hand (meaning you can act quickly if something spills).

With that said, here are the codes and what they mean: (more…)

How to Clean Slipcovers

How to Clean Slipcovers | The Stated Home

If your slipcovered sofa gets dirty—maybe your two-year-old decided to do an art project on it, maybe you thought eating spaghetti on it was a good idea—don’t panic! Slipcovered sofas (check out our great styles here) can be cleaned, which is one of the main reasons they’re so popular. But take a deep breath and pause before you just stuff your slipcover into the washer and push the start button. There are some things you should know first.


Adding Nailhead Trim to Sofas: A Primer

Adding Nailhead Trim to Sofas | The Stated HomeNailhead trim is a great design detail that can be added to almost any upholstered furniture piece—sofas, chairs, ottomans, you name it. Some styles almost always look better with nailheads, like a Chesterfield sofa, while others shouldn’t go near it (they look out of place in super-modern spaces). But if you have a transitional home, it’s up to you whether you go nailhead or not.

And that’s not the only decision you’ll have to make. Nailheads come in different sizes and finishes and can be applied in lots of different patterns. You could use brushed nickel or shiny brass to glam up a space or go with antiqued nails to add a rustic touch.

It can get confusing fast, so here are 10 guidelines for how to use nailheads: (more…)

Finishes for Wood: Instantly Spot the Bad Stuff

Finishes for Wood: The Good and the Bad | The Stated HomeThe final thing you should consider when shopping for quality wood furniture is the finish. (If you haven’t read our blogs on wood types, veneers, and joinery, start there to get a complete picture about how to identify high quality wood furniture.)

Bad finishes can ruin a piece of furniture (it’s hard to admire the quality of the wood or design when there’s a peeling finish or an unsightly water mark). The good news is that finishing has come a long way and much of today’s furniture is resistant to liquids and scratching. So what is a finish exactly? It’s actually a combination of a stain and clear top coat. Keep reading to find out more about finishes (and check out our selection of gorgeous wood furniture here). (more…)