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Upholstered furniture is anything that has cushions or padding and is covered in fabric (think sofas, chairs, ottomans, beds, that sort of thing). And there are still a fair number of manufacturers who make these kinds of items here in America. For this list, we didn’t include the larger retail stores that manufacture in America. That information is pretty easy to figure out (see our post here comparing sofas from the major retail stores), so we wanted to instead highlight smaller manufacturers that you can find at your local furniture store. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should give you plenty of options to start with.

If you want to purchase from one of these manufacturers, reach out to us at The Stated Home or use the store locator on their website to find a retailer near you.

Value Priced: Sofas are about $600 – $1000

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a Made-in-the-USA sofa. These sofas won’t last a super long time, but they are made with sound manufacturing processes. You’ll find:

  • Engineered hardwood frames
  • Sinuous spring, flexolator, webbing, or drop-in spring suspension
  • Seat cushions on the firm side, with no or little fiber surrounding the foam to soften it up
  • Back cushions that may feel a little thin
  • Limited fabric selection
  • Fabrics that are usually polyester
  • Sofa prices that are usually the same, no matter what fabric you choose
  • The possibility of attached back cushions, which make it difficult to fluff, rotate or repair
  • A seat that will eventually start to sag
  • Springs that may start to squeak
  • Not many design options, like adding nailheads or changing finishes

Here are some American manufacturers that make value-priced upholstered pieces:

Medium Priced: Sofas are around $1500 – $2000

These sofas will probably last a little longer than the value-priced pieces, though they won’t last forever. The basic construction is pretty much the same as the value-priced options, but likely with a little greater care with workmanship and a more polished final product. If you can afford more, we encourage you to go up a price point from here, so you can get 8-way hand-tied springs, sturdier frames, and upgraded cushion options. With these medium-priced sofas, you’ll see:

  • Engineered hardwood frames
  • Sinuous spring, flexolator, drop in spring, or webbing suspension
  • Upgraded cushions wrapped in fiber or down for a softer seat
  • Wider fabric selection
  • A final price that may change depending on fabric chosen
  • Possibility to add some design details like nailheads
  • More finish options
  • Seat that may start to sag
  • Springs that may start to squeak eventually

Here are some American manufacturers that make medium-priced upholstered pieces:

Middle-High End: Sofas are around $2500 – $3500

At this price, you’re going to get a wide variety of designs and a well-built sofa that will last decades. Many of these manufacturers use 8-way hand tied suspension (in our opinion the best sofa suspension, but you can read more about that here), but some will use another suspension method. You might save a little money on those, but we recommend buying 8-way hand tied suspension if you can. With these middle-high end sofas, you’ll find:

  • Hardwood or engineered hardwood frames
  • Frames that are secured with mortise & tenon and corner blocks
  • 8-way hand-tied suspension, high quality sinuous springs, or webbing suspension (at this price point you should not see flexolator or drop in springs)
  • Wide fabric selection
  • Price that will change depending on fabric
  • Cushion options include innerspring, down, and extra-firm options
  • Many design options: nailheads, seams, trim, using two different fabrics, etc.
  • Many finish options
  • Lifetime warranties on the frame and suspension
  • At least a 5-year warranty on the cushions

Here are some American manufacturers that make middle-high end upholstered pieces with 8-way hand tied suspensions:

Here are some American manufacturers that make middle-high end upholstered pieces with other suspensions:

High End: Sofas start at $4000 – $6000

These manufacturer’s pieces have the same long-lasting basic construction as the middle-high end companies above, but you will get more intricate or designed styles and an increased attention to detail. Designs tend to be a little more formal. You’ll find:

  • Hardwood or engineered hardwood frames
  • 8-way hand-tied construction (almost without exception)
  • Many fabric options
  • Wide variety of design details: nailheads, seams, fabric applications, trim, etc.
  • Expert level tailoring for near perfect seams, etc.
  • Celebrity designer collaborations

Here are some American manufacturers that make high-end upholstered pieces:

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