Transitional Design: What It Is and How to Get the Look

Transitional Style: How to Get It | The Stated Home

The current design trend is one that can’t be defined by an all-encompassing phrase like traditional, modern, formal, or shabby chic. Look in any design magazine and most of the rooms are a blend of styles that can be taken in any direction with the addition of a few accessories. This design style is known as transitional, and we couldn’t love it more. It means you can make your grandmother’s antique sofa look great with a glass coffee table or create a space with a vibe that is at once modern and inviting. (more…)

Types of Interior Design Styles

Types of Interior Design Styles | The Stated HomeYou’ve probably noticed that when it comes to describing an interior design style, there are three main terms thrown around: traditional, modern, and transitional. When it comes down to it, there’s really just traditional and modern (transitional is a mixture of those two). While it’s natural to be unsure about what your design style is, it’s actually really easy to figure out. You either like a roomful of antiques and chintz (traditional), a minimalist look with straight lines (modern), or a little bit of both (transitional).

So which design style are you and how should you decorate? (more…)