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Are you wondering why The Stated Home sells only American-made goods on our website? It’s not just because it’s trendy to buy American (although, yes, more and more people are doing it), it’s also for reasons like these:

We’re concerned over quality.

How many times have you thrown away something because it broke soon after you bought it? While our parents and grandparents bought items that lasted decades, it seems like things these days rarely last a few years (if that!). What’s the difference? We think it’s because our parents mostly bought American-made goods. Now, not every non-American-made item is cheap (please see Chanel bags) and not every American-made item is high-quality, but we feel like more often than not, American craftsmen take pride in their work.

We think safety should come first.

The US has regulations in place to ensure that products and working conditions are safe. That’s not necessarily true for factories in other countries. Do you remember the newspaper headlines about lead paint on toys, poisoned toothpaste and tainted pet treats? Or the factory collapse in Bangladesh? So do we, which is why we’re selling items made here.

We want to put dollars towards our economy.

Every dollar spent on American-made goods has a ripple effect. American manufacturers pay income taxes on their profits and real estate taxes on their facilities, thereby funding government services (aka schools and roads). Plus, employees pay taxes on their income and many American manufacturers buy their supplies from other American companies. It’s a beautiful cycle.

We hope to keep Americans employed.

We all know someone who has lost a job and how devastating that can be. When a company closes a factory because goods can be made more cheaply in a foreign country, Americans lose their livelihood. Don’t think a single purchase can make a difference? ABC News reports that spending only $64 more on American-made goods translates to 200,000 jobs. No one can argue with that result.

We love our environment.

Environmental problems caused by manufacturing processes in nations like China and India are often in the news—and for a good reason. In 2012, air pollution killed 7 million people. We believe that U.S. manufacturers are more focused on reducing pollution and waste by minimizing natural resource use and reducing emissions. And let’s not forget the environmental costs of shipping goods halfway around the world. Choosing products made here at home avoids both the expense and CO2 emissions from all of that extra fuel.

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  1. I’m so excited that I found you ladies. I will be ordering a leather sectional from you 2020. I’m in the process of remodelling my living, kitchen and bathrooms.
    Thank you and I will be in touch.

    Kristan MacIntyre

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