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Want to totally win the holidays this year? Instead of going to the mall and shopping the same old stores you go to every year, get your loved ones these unique, lovely gifts. All are made in America and none will break the bank. (And while you’re at it, go ahead and get something for yourself, too!) 

Made In America Gifts | The Stated Home
  1. Tait Design Co. Desk Clock – Detroit, Michigan
    Because sometimes it’s good to not have to pull out your phone to see what time it is. ($75) 
  2. Sydney Hale Soap & Lotion Set – Virginia
    Everyone likes fancy soap and lotion, but it’s hard to splurge on them for yourself. Do someone a favor and do the splurging for them. ($56) 
  3. Concrete Days Vessel – Des Moines, Iowa
    We think these make ideal holders for air plants, but they’d also be great for containing jewelry, paper clips, or loose change. ($10-$55) 
  4. Tree Hopper Toys Match Stacks – Chicago, Illinois  
    A wooden toy that a kid will actually be excited about playing with. ($20) 
  5. Schermer Pecans – Thomasville, Georgia
    For the nuttiest relative you have, fresh pecans from a family-owned business that’s been doing their thing since 1946. ($41 and up) 
  6. Bruto Americano Liqueur from St. George Spirits – Alameda, California
    Aperitifs are typically an Italian thing, but this American distillery’s version will make you want to raise a glass or two. ($30) 
  7. Cutting Board from Virginia Boys Kitchen – McLean, Virginia
    Charcuterie trays have never looked better. ($60) 
  8. Loomination Dish Towel – Westminster, Massachusetts
    Handwoven of absorbent cotton with a vintage-inspired pattern that looks at home in any kitchen. ($36) 
  9. Elizabeth Benotti Hanging Planter – Eliot, Maine
    Know someone with a green thumb (or who really wishes they had one)? This hanging planter is perfect. ($64) 
  10. Korut Studio Faceted Dagger Necklace – Napa, California
    No woman is ever mad at more jewelry, we promise. ($70) 

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